Month: November 2019

  • Episode 4 Dr Barry Taff

    Dr. Taff takes us Down The Rabbit hole and discusses his long history and experience in the study of how the human brain, spirit and collective consciousness works.

  • Episode 3

    There is a very popular original programming television show on cable call Ancient Aliens. This program claims to show and tell the viewer all the information available in history that proves that humans were visited by beings from another planet.

  • Episode 2

    Everyone dreams when they sleep. Sometimes we dream when we are wide awake. The common denominator is that some dreams seem all too real.

  • Episode 1

    The starting topic; Do humans have a soul or consciousness ? And if so, where is it located. The conversation takes you down the Rabbit Hole of human kind and how we are when we are alive and what happens when we die.

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