Episode 2

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Episode 2: What Dreams Are Made of; In this Episode, your host Kevin Thompson and guest host Sheri Mitchell Webb talk about dreams. Your dreams. What do they mean.

Everyone dreams when they sleep. Sometimes we dream when we are wide awake. The common denominator is that some dreams seem all too real.

Come with us Down The Rabbit Hole as we discuss how some dreams just may be real and why.

One of the things to listen for is the Dimensions. We live in what everyone knows and believes is the 3rd dimension. Dreams can take us past this into the 4th and even the 5th dimension.

No, Kevin and Sheri will not be discussing the hit making musical group of the 1960’s but the real and scientifically proven 5th dimension.

Your dreams are fluid, timeless and full of emotion and even science. To tune in to this episode for an insight into your dreams.

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