Kevin Thompson

As a highly respected person within the paranormal community, Kevin has a way to bring the interesting and intriguing to light and make it easily understandable. Each episode, along with a myriad of expert co-hosts, Keven descends down the Rabbit Hole, ask “what if” and “why not”.

What if there really are aliens? Why not believe in the supernatural? How did they build the pyramids? Did or does Atlantis really exist? Are Demons really just lost souls? How big is the Universe? How old is the earth? And an endless number of other subjects.

Come down The Rabbit Hole with Kevin and his guest hosts each and every episode. You will surely learn something new.

Kevin Thompson: During the day, Kevin is a Lieutenant with Madison County Sheriff Department, during his off-hours; he is lead investigator and founder with the Madison County Paranormal Research Society and co-host of “The Buzz” radio show and was co-host of “The House of Mystery” with Al Warren, as a paranormal/true crime investigator. Now he hosts “Hebrews Café” With Rod Eccles. Kevin has been actively investigating paranormal activity and consulting for over 25 years, being a graduate of the pilot program of Dr. William Everist. As a co-founder of The Huntsville Ghost Walk, He has been interviewed numerous times for his expertise and is in high demand for his insightful investigations, spiritual insight and love of new paranormal gadgetry. Joking that he is on “The low side of high tech” Kevin strives to bring his love of ghost hunting, storytelling and all things paranormal to the public, albeit with a rather sophomoric sense of humor. As a medium, Kevin attempts to aid those who are dealing with grief, dealing with paranormal phenomena and speaking for spirits who need a voice. He also had a short tenure in a military program studying remote viewing.

His law enforcement experience includes 20+ years in corrections, studying human behavior and institutionalization. 3 years as a drug task force member. On the military side, Kevin is preparing to retire as a Military Police Instructor specializing in law, defensive tactics and Detainee Operations. He is also very active in his synagogue and the Huntsville Jewish Community.

Education: 2 degrees. 1 as a Psychiatric Technician (specializing in experimental psychology and profiling) 1 in Criminal Justice (specializing in Constitutional Issues)

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