• Episode 11 Bill #3

    Bill joins host Kevin Thompson for a third time. They go even deeper down the Rabbit Hole and discuss some of the more pressing modern day issues. Things like Good vs Evil. Is Evil winning? Is Evil even real? Is Evil really the new Good?

  • Episode 10 Karen Dahlman

    Karen Dahlman. Do you like or dislike Ouija Boards? Kevin talks with an expert on the subject. What you find after listening to this episode is that Ouija is much more than a childhood board game. It can be real. Very real.

  • Episode 7 John DeSouza

    John DeSouza is a former FBI Agent. He spent over 25 years in the agency and often investigated alien types of cases. In fact, he is known as the X-Files Agent.

  • Episode 6 Chad Keller

    Best selling author, Mr. Keller joins Kevin and Rod to discuss the Steven Avery case. Many know the name from the Netflix limited series, Making A Murderer.

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