Episode 5 Robbie Thomas

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Episode 5: Robbie Thomas Psychic Profiler.

Robbie Thomas, currently residing in Canada, is a well known psychic profiler and has helped dozens and dozens of police departments in two countries solve old and new cases.

Robbie talks about how he came to know how he had these special abilities and he talks about some cases that he has worked on and has helped police solve.

Robbie also dives a little into the Steve Avery rabbit hole. Bringing us up to date on the case as it continues to captivate American and Canadian Netflix audiences.

You won’t believe what he reveals about the Avery case that was not mentioned or discussed in the Netflix docu-series. Plus what he thinks about teaching these abilities and technics to others. He is also a fraud detector, too.

Let us take you Down The Rabbit Hole with Robbie Thomas

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