Episode 6 Chad Keller

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Episode 6: Chad Keller. Best selling author, Mr. Keller joins Kevin and Rod to discuss the Steven Avery case. Many know the name from the Netflix limited series, Making A Murderer.

Is there really evil? Does evil make one do bad things? Kevin, Rod and, Chad take you down the Rabbit Hole and gets very deep when it comes to evil, crime, and our criminal justice system.

Chad Keller is the author of 6 books and some of them have reached the top of the book charts. Chad is currently writing an amazing 30 volume series based on Making A Murderer.

His books will dive into the issues of wrongful conviction in our judicial system and we learn that this happens a lot more than we would like to think. Chad also talks about how hard it can be to get an innocent person exonerated and released from jail.

We don’t get to the bottom of this hole but we come to rest on a platform with the realization that any one of us could find ourselves on the cusp of being convicted of a serious crime we did not and could not commit and that we could be pursued by evil law enforcement members.

Come down this important Rabbit Hole. We have your hand. It is totally safe but it will blow your mind.

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